Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Day 17

Ever try to take pictures in front of a window and just get black inside but nice color outside?   If you can shoot in manual mode and understand metering try this.  Stand in front of the window place your focus point on something outside or in my case below I placed my focus point on the outer edges of the star.  and meter for correct exposure.  Take the photo.  Even though you are focusing on something in the house you will have good exposure for outside and black/dark inside.   

Now go right up to the items in front of the window, place your focus point onto the items (in my case the green mirror) and expose for correct exposure, don't take the picture.  Now back up again and focus again in my case on the edges of the star.  DO NOT CHANGE THE EXPOSURE, it will appear way over on the right (+) side but that's okay.  Take the picture.  Now what you exposed for will be correct but the outside is totally blown out. 

Now....... when you're taking pictures on Christmas morning and the kids are opening their gifts in front of the patio door with the bright morning sunshine this is not the time to try it. 

My first photo I exposed in the middle of getting the correct exposure for the outside and inside which resulted in color for both items.

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