Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Day 2

Miss Mallory and Mr Max came over tonight so I had a little help getting my day two advent photo.  My camera doesn't have a built in pop-up flash so I have an external speedlite that I learn more each time I use it.  For this photo I bounced the flash off the window to Mally's right which is perfect for lighting her face and great catchlights in her eyes.  Of course this beautiful little girl doesn't take a bad picture.  

Mally says some of the cutest things, she acts like she is 5 not 2.5.  I got a perfume sample in the mail and while opening it to smell it I got some on my fingers.  John says "what's it smell like" so I let him smell my fingers, then Mally says "what's it smell like Grandma" so I let her smell my fingers.  She says "oh grandma that's disgusting"

Lynn and Jesse had a meeting at the bank which they explained to her when they left.  They were gone for a couple hours and after they got back she was playing and reading books and out of the blue she climbs up on Lynn's lap, looks her right in the eyes and says "how did it go at the bank mom?"  Such a girl she is and just because we all need to see her entire cute little face here's another pic for you.  

I promised her chocolate if she helped me and was a good girl.  Usually after I take pictures of her she wants to see them on the back of the camera so I turn the camera around to show her and she says "can I have my chocolate now"  She is her mothers daughter!!

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rlzimmerman said...

I love how you tell us how you get your beautiful pictures, with the light! My daughter Courtney, you met her in Colby, and I love your gorgeous blog!