Monday, December 26, 2011

Sneak Peek

This little princess came over before the holidays for a few newborn pics.  She is so tiny and did not give into the sleeping mode we wished for.  Here she was just comfy in her fuzzy blankets and I pushed those eyelids down just long enough for one click of the camera.  Push, click, push, click, push.....   She wasn't feeling very well this morning, she was a little fussy the night before and mom even thought about canceling but she did fine.  If that was crabby this momma's got it made.

She needed her blankie on her since she wasn't feeling very well.  We needed to do whatever she wanted and she wanted her blankie!!

I played around with some textures tonight.

Big brother was so good waiting for his baby sister to get comfortable.... he calls her "my baby" and was constantly giving her little kisses.

One more with her Christmas outfit on.  

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