Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Photos Sneak Peek

These beautiful girls and their adorable little brother were so fun to photograph.  The girls had so much energy and were so helpful for me and their mom.  

Their mom started working at my old job on my last week there.  I think we could have gotten into a bit of trouble if I would have stayed.  And such a small world..... they live in the house that my brother's family grew too big for so he added a 2nd story.  It's a beautiful house and the 2nd story is now the girls space.

When taking the group shots we had to take some with each girl holding Mr L, they really love their little brother.

We did some fun Christmas card photos but those will have to be kept a secret for now.  Thank you girls for being such good helpers and continue to spoil that little brother, he seems to like it.  

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