Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Day 12

Today is Shannon's day.  She did a good job mix and matching the kids to ugly them up.  Miss El wore snowmen jingle slippers, striped elf socks, plaid skirt, rudolph sweater with jingle bells on the sleeves and a rudolph mask.  She was just plain cute and that sweater was a Woolrich brand so she'll get lots more use out of that this winter.  Pull of the jingle bells and rudolph's nose and she's good to go.  G-Man was a mixed up mess that was very hard to look at.  Spongebob jammie pants, crazy santa shirt, Christmas socks, two jingle bell bracelets on his ankles and reindeer horn headband.  Shan had a Christmas red shirt and a lovely denim vest with patchwork Christmas decor.  She is looking so good lately I have to look twice because I don't recognize her right away.  So proud of her, it's really hard work to lose weight and she is winning the battle and I don't see her stopping anytime soon.  She is on a mission!!

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Natalie said...

Have loved seeing your ugly Christmas family photos :) So cute....I mean u-g-l-y! LOL. I can't believe you made all those accessories!

And p.s.....way to go Shannon! Keep up the good work!!