Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Peek

Sometimes as much as we prepare the small children for getting their pictures taken and to promise them ice cream or going to Grandmas when they are done they will surprise you with whatever they want to do.  Miss M came over to my house very excited to get her pictures taken and then she became shy and didn't want anything to do with it.  

This is how we started out, Miss M is just quiet and not willing to smile but we can deal with that.  I can break her shell and get some smiles out of her.  The most important thing to do is let them be comfortable  and if they don't want to smile, they don't have to.

Daddy can fix this, if she can just sit by daddy she will bring on some smiles....... that's what I thought anyway but Miss M had different plans for me.  But who wouldn't want this family photo documenting daddy's little girl.

I promised to show her the pictures on the back of the camera  and with that she's actually moving a little further away from daddy's chest, no smiles but she is starting to talk to me.  

We almost called it good, the worst thing to do is make taking their photos an event that will scar them for all their future photos.  We tried to get Miss M to sit by herself but she wasn't going for any of that, until we brought out puppy and elmo.  We got some smiles..... hiding behind puppy but her eyes are smiling.  

Now she has become my friend smiling big smiles.

These are smiles you get after serving fruit snacks.   Lots of red ones right Miss M?

Miss M had plenty of good smiles for me and some beautiful family photos but having those shy sad little eyes in the beginning is priceless.  

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