Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Day 20

Shannon brought me two decorations that her and the kids did over the weekend.  She is becoming quite the little crafter girl.  I know she doesn't want this to happen because then she would have to be like her mother, aunts, grandmother, great grandmother...... and many generations she does not even know.  This just happens and we have to create beautiful things and share them with others.  

Thank you Shannon, Miss El and Garrett  -  I Love Them

Lynn texted me on Sunday night

Lynn - "If I'm making cut outs with the kids does that mean I'm all grown up?
Me - "Yes"
Lynn - "If Jesse is in the garage while I'm doing this, does that mean I married my dad?"
Me - "You can officially call yourself your mother"

She really did marry her dad and she really is me - lucky kids..... hee hee hee

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