Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grandkids on Christmas Eve

Elly and Garrett have come over to visit so much before the holidays that one day without them it's too quiet.  Miss El has certainly grew up to be quite the little lady this last year.  She loves to read just like her mother, her nose is always in a book.  She could care less about clothes and sometimes when she dresses herself looks like quite the little rag-a-muffin but the cutest rag-a-muffin I know.  She doesn't like her hair messed with and hates when I comb it.  This year for her Christmas concert I bought her fancy ponytail holders and told her I wanted them in or I wasn't coming..... if she came out on stage without her hair up I was leaving.... Grandpa yelled at me and told El I would be there no matter what.  Well she had her hair up with her special ponytail holders and her Great Grandmothers Santa earrings, she was the cutest singer there (wink, wink)....... and she made the local paper, a really close up picture and the caption of being all decked out for Christmas.  See Elly Grandma is pretty smart :)  She might not like clothes but she loves.... loves.... loves shoes.  If she would ask for anything it would be boots, shoes and sandals in every color.  I got her new boots for Christmas that match Grandma's, of course.

Mr G-man is growing so fast I can't even remember him being little like Max.  He is starting to not be such a momma's boy and loving his Grandma and even somedays his Grandpa.  He is all boy with his tractors, legos, cars, legos, trailers, legos, blocks, legos.  He is Adam's twin.  He is the main reason for visiting often, he begs for his Grandma and when he's here he's such a busy little guy digging through all Adam's legos that I think that was his mission and just uses Grandma.  He'll take walks out to the garage in the dark by himself just to hang out with Grandpa..... Grandpa really likes that.  He's still loving his "my Kellwe" and talks about her often, since he has a late birthday he'll be with her a couple more years so hopefully she loves her "my Garwett" as much as he loves her.  He's holding the tractor she gave him and oh boy when we couldn't find it when it was time to leave we had to tear the house apart.

Here are my Miss El and Mr Garrett-man on Christmas Eve

Mallory and Max are quite the opposite and the same as Elly and Garrett.  Mally also hates her hair being touched and has her nose in a book all the time.  Now when she ask you to read her a book she has to have one too and reads her own.  I'm not sure if she listens to me read but when I stop she'll let me know I'm not done.  She's very fashionable when momma dresses her but when she is home or playing in the yard she is another cute little rag-a-muffin.   She hates shoes or socks, barefoot is how you will find her summer or winter.  She is a mini-Lynn in looks and her actions, it's hard for me not remember my days with Lynn being this age when she's around.  All the other grandkids have their own looks and don't resemble my kids except for her.   I asked Mally if I could take her pictures and she told me "no" so I said..... since I know she loves cookies..... "I'll give you a cookie if you let me"  So she did and I gave her a cookie.  I'm thinking I'm pretty smart until after every pictures that night she wanted a cookie and fruit snacks to get her eye drop medicine.  She is her mother with that sweet tooth.  

Maxwell..... Mr Max..... Mad Max.... I love this little boy and it's hard to believe he'll be 1 in 4 months.  It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for his appearance as Lovey (remember his name was going to be Lovey)  He's starting to sit up and play so nice but when he wants his momma watch out.  On Christmas Day he sat so well by Grandpa and played for the longest time (of course Grandpa reminds me daily since then that he loved his Grandpa).  When I seen him last week if finally dawned on me who he looks like.  He looks like my brother Randy's son Beau... which looks like Randy.... which looks like an Emmerich.  He is just plain cute and you can't help but snuggle him (if he'll let you).  Sunday everyone had to feel his cubby little legs, they are just tempting to squeeze.  Looks like he'll be a barefoot kid too.  I know Lynn and Jesse call him Max most of the time but to me so far he is a Maxwell.

Here is Miss Mallory and Mr Maxwell on Christmas Eve


arturlington said...

Wonderful pic! makes me want to have more kids

Brandon said...

Love hearing you talk about your sweet grandkids! All 4 of them are so cute and such great personalities of their own! I can't wait to see Lynn, Jesse and Mallory again and to meet Max in February!! :) Belated Merry Christmas and I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your whole family!

Brandon said...

Ha, didn't realize Brandon is signed in.....that post was me, Natalie :)