Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Day 3

Today we had the most beautiful snow storm, it was warm with big flakes and nice packing snowman snow.  We ventured out of the house for a burger, stop at the in-laws and back home.  When we got back home I tossed a snowball over the truck and smacked John without even knowing where I was throwing it.  hee hee hee good thing he puts up with my reindeer games.  He's shoving the patio and I'm wandering around outside with my camera.  

I used my flash so I could light up the close snowflakes and kept my ISO at 6400 (as high as it can go), my shutter speed I kept as low as I could hand hold for my 50mm lens which here it is set at 1/40, and my fstop at 1.4 to get enough light in the camera to see through the darkness and capture the lit up porch which is about 60 feet away from me.   My flash was also pointing straight ahead since I didn't have to worry about anything being directly in front of me, except of course the snow that was falling. 

For some reason one photo just isn't enough for me anymore.  This was in the back garden with the same setting as above but the flash pointed at the ground to bounce back up onto the chairs, fence and tree.  With the white snow it really bounced and didn't take much to light objects up that are also white.  This photo is begging me to sit there with a fire in the pit, drinking hot chocolate, and just enjoy the snowfall.

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LisaS said...

Love the photos.. someday when I grow up I want to be just like you...:-). And ps. the Hot chocolate would for sure need some buttersnapps...