Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Day 11

I know I said I would take a photo everyday of Advent but it was my rule and you know me...... I can break my own rules.  I wanted the photobooth pics of the kids in my Advent book so Lynn is the oldest so she gets to have her's first.  

Nice family photo don't you think?  Jesse's sweater is too small and the only real mens "Christmas" sweater that we found.  Mally had a reindeer sewn on her sweater that someone didn't finish and then took it to the thrift store..... who did they think was going to buy that?  Me!  She had candy cane pants and Christmas socks.

I wish you could see Lynn's whole outfit, her socks were great, they were striped elf sock with bells.  She is wearing a lovely ice skating bear sweater with a plaid skirt which is not ugly on her.  Max is sporting reindeer jammies and of course they are not ugly but finding ugly for kids is impossible.  I love his deer in the headlight look as he chews on a snowflake.