Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My favorite Mexican view

Last year we were in Mexico at this time. It sure would be nice to have another trip planned for this year but as John and I climbed into the Jeep on Sunday for a frosty morning drive, the heat pumping out of the vents, sun beaming through the windshield needing to wear my Jeep matching sunglasses made me remember why we gave up the trip this year. As I was looking at frost covered pine trees and white snowy covered trails, last year we were laying on the white covered sand beaches, looking up into the palm trees as the suns rays were baking our skin and ..... drinking the best margaritas ever.
Same thing right? I'm not missing anything right? What's Mexico got that I can't get here?


Photoshopped Tuesday version, ohhhh I'm missing this site!!

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