Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie Night

So tonight I went to the movie "Momma Mia". The movie critics are not giving it two thumbs up let alone 1 thumb up but we went anyway. It was great a summertime chick flick that you must call your girlfriends and go see it. When I left home tonight I wondered why I was leaving to sit in a building and watch a movie when it was so nice outside... I really hate being inside when it's nice. But I had a few raindrops on my windshield before I got there so I was all better. I will buy the DVD and watch again for sure. So for tonight's SPT I am using a photo I took in June (it's okay I can do that). Trying to get a silhouette by myself isn't that easy.... push button.... run..... jump, jump, jump, jump and then it takes just when I think it's not gonna work. So I use my remote... push the button, jump, jump, wave my arms, jump, jump and it takes when I'm on the ground looking like a dork or as John said a scarecrow. So in 50 attempts to get a outline of me jumping I have to settle for a cropped version of just my head and arm so I don't look like a scarecrow dork.

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