Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lily is here

Oh my gosh the lilies are blooming and they are brighter than ever. Gayle, Starla, Jeannie and I used to go to the neghboring town's garden tour, there was this one lady, who we have named "The Lily Lady" would bring her lily bulbs to sell. We snatched them up 4-5 at a time. We brought them because of their names or colors or just because and we only got 1 maybe 2 bulbs in the container for $4 a piece. Now I have a couple hundred dollars in my ground!! I'm sure their lilies are mulitpling as well as mine.... maybe we should have a fall bulb sale? Ahhhh probably not, I don't know how the Lily Lady did it year after year selling these fabulous flowers and having to grow another crop, I don't think I can. I may give flowers away to anyone willing to come over and take some off my hands but not many family or friends have ever walked away with a Lily Bulb. This one is called Tropical Fruit taken right after a light rain.

Looks good enough to just bite right into.

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Lynn said...

Tropical Fruit! That is a fun name. I may need some Tropical Fruit if I get a house!! : )