Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hollyhock overload

So last year when I was part of the garden tour I bearly had any hollyhocks and this year I have hollyhock overload. I must have the old fashion bi-annual hollyhocks. I wasn't sure how to control them this spring when they were coming up everywhere so I decided to let them grow and see how they look. So here's your snapshot of them before they bloom and I'll make sure to update you again when they are much taller we have flowers, it should be very pretty with all the different colors.

Here is a picture from last years garden tour in the same area and as you can see there are no hollyhocks. The garden tour was June 30th.

Honeysuckle blossoms for a little color today, this is what's on the white fence in front of the garden shed on the first picture.

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Lynn said...

How did you get so close and not have a mad mama bird after you?