Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can it get any windy'er

Today is crazy with the wind. It started about Tuesday and has just gotten worse everyday. We went to Josh's ball games and the wind whipped the entire time. The day was sunshiny but we had to wear sweatshirts. After 6 hours of our faces being whipped by our hair we had had enough, tonight we are staying in the house watching the race. Of course I had to wander outside to see if I could capture the feeling of actually how windy it really is.
Check out the wind chime Adam dumpster dived for me at work.... someone through this out, can you believe it? Not much chiming going on since it's blowing sideways most of the time. The tree's leaves are looking stressed on the left side from the wind whipping them and the field in the back you can see the wind blowing to the right.

John had his towel for washing the truck on the clothes line.... I think it's dry!!

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Lynn said...

You definitly caught the wind! Ugh! Will it ever stop?!!? I am done... d-u-n... with this wind!!