Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trash to Vase

This morning John and I worked like crazy taking almost everything out of the house except heavy furniture. He tore off all the trim around the windows upstairs and downstairs while I boxed everything up and cleaned. It looks really empty in the house but the new windows will start going next next week.
In the summertime on Saturday mornings I wander the gardens for flowers to bring in the house for my fresh flower fix. Right now it's all about the tulips, I never get tired of their bright colors. Here's what you can do with a old porch light.... remove the electrical wires, set a glass of water under it and place your flowers through the opening. I gave this photo a dark nighttime look and I really like the drama it gives.

Since I had so much fun playing with these photos I just had to show off 2 more of my favorites. Hope you don't mind?


Anonymous said...

these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!


Lynn said...

Love them too!!