Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Magazines

Who doesn't like a new magazine to read? Except when it's suppose to be nice outside and you have no time to curl up in your favorite chair to read them. Well today I got a new magazine that I ordered from a little grand-nephew, all I could do was curl up and read it... dang weather!! It may be signs of spring everywhere but it's too dang cold outside to enjoy it, so I might as well read about it.

My favorite magazine reading chair is from an old man's house that was covered in years of filth. My sister and I pulled that old thing out of the house they were going to torch, and my sister-in-law recovered it for me. The fabric I got at a garage sale for cheap, the chair was free and then I found the footstool at another garage sale for about 2 bucks. The day we pulled this chair out of that house we had 3 pick-up loads of stuff. John was not impressed with all the junk I brought home and we thought we were being good.... it could have easily been 4 truckloads. I even tore the trim boards off the doorways, the screen door off the front entrance and the jars out of the pantry. That day was so much fun, to bad the house is gone now or as John says "good thing it's gone".

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