Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So much fun

I found a new way to use sidewalk chalk and it's so much fun. I never really liked sidewalk chalk but I bought it for Miss L to play with. We drew on the porch, L laid down and I drew around her, she got bored and so did I... chalk hasn't been touched again. It draws so light, the colors are not bright, and it feels yucky to me. Well let me tell you a secret.... if you put the chalk in a bucket of water for about 1-2 minutes and then draw with it, it's like paint, it goes on smooth and the colors are fabulous. I didn't have Miss L here when I tried this little trick so I wrote my wonderful husband a little note right in front of the garage door. It was so much fun I could have painted a mural on the porch. Take a look at the colors and go outside and try this yourself, sidewalk chalk will never be the same again.

Yep that me tonight adding a few finishing touches in my winter coat.... :(

This little trick would have come in handy about 2 years ago when my niece and I drew a 10'x6' flag on the driveway, climbed a ladder and took pictures of the kids on top of it pretending they drew it. We used up a lot of red and white chalk with no WOW factor.

So "S" you ready to do it again??

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The Rau's said...

connie, you are going to get in trouble for writing on the sidewalk! LOL that looks awesome!
i'm in , i"ll do the flag with you again!!