Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rock Flea Market

So the neighbors are picking rocks in the field next to us. They used some fancy equipment to "windrow" (John says this about fieldwork all the time, I haven't a clue what it means but I think it sounds fun) the rocks and then used these two tractors to buzz along picking them up. They laid in the fields in rows just tempting me to go shopping for new character rocks for my flower gardens. It was a Rock Flea Market in my own backyard and there was no admission. I bugged and bugged John to take me to the Flea Market so I could shop for rocks... well he finally did and I was so disappointed. There are lots of new rocks but lots of dirt, cornstalks and weeds to go with them. It will take a couple of years to wash them off and make tempting rock piles that I can't stay away from. My sister Sharon would take all of them dirt and all, she can't grow rocks where she lives so her last visit she went by my brother Wally at the rock pit and bought, yes paid money, for 20 ton of rocks. Sharon wanna come to the Rock Flea Market??

By tonight the flea market is all packed up, and the rock piles are huge. Our whole family loves rocks, we can go to a rock pile and take hours picking out just the right rocks and then take hours placing them in just the perfect spot in the garden. My brother Wally has the perfect job that we all want.... he is Fred Flintstone and works in the rock quarry, he has been known to scope out a rock with character and move it aside so it doesn't get hurt. Crazy Emmerichs we are!!

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