Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My sister-in-law and I spent many hours on our first day of decorating. We both love to do it and most of the time we are thinking the same thing, finish each others ideas, and the real scary thing is we both see items (mostly junk) used in not-normal ways. Our husbands are always crabbing about what rotten ole' piece of junk we brought home or the rusty piece of metal that we think can be made into a decoration. We could spend all day going to garage sales. I can't post most of the decoration pictures here but a few of them aren't going to give our secrets away.
If the bride wants it we can do it!
Here is one of the new ideas we had, isn't it cute?


Anonymous said...

this is a cute idea until someone puts mashed potatoes in them, eats half of them and than puts them on there plates upside down...messy but an easy clean up!!!


Natalie said...

That is soooo cute!!!