Monday, May 19, 2008

Photo Magic

I'm learning how to make a bad photo turn into something worth calling home about. I took a picture of the forest floor and it's pretty washed out because of the sun, time of day and taken through the windshield.
This is the photo SOOC (straight out of camera) why would she put this on her POTD for others to see, you ask?

Because this is the same photo after I did some photoshop magic.
Excuse me while I call home!!


The Rau's said...

I really need to make myself make time to sit down and learn do amazing things with it.

Lynn said...

Amazing! You really know how to work photoshop!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is incredible! Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

ok, now you have 2 anonymous's - how will you know when it is me? But I have to again that photo rocks!!! One for the bathroom wall??

Anonymous said...

and you know I can't spell... the word again should be agree... Blonde moment!!! ;-)


Natalie said...

Wow that is amazing!!