Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amazing Couds

Today's clouds were amazing, it reminds me of a day in the life of a child when they lay down on the grass looking up at the clouds playing the game.... make animals out of their shape, whoever could see the most won. We used to do this but I'm sure kids now would look at me kinda funny to think we could spend hours playing this. This reminds me of a story I have to tell you that will help you to understand what we did while growing up.... remember there were 11 kids so we had to find our own fun. We would grab our sleeping bags and pillow, everyone would line up in the ditch right next to the highway to spend the evening playing and then to sleep there overnight, no tents, no camper, no lights.... just kids snuggled in their sleeping bags. It usually took us awhile to fall asleep since we would watch the traffic go by waving like crazy to see how many people would could get to wave back at us. Then when we got tired we all lined up (between the neighbors, cousins and us there were probably 10-12 kids) in our bags and slept there till morning. Can you imagine now if you were driving by on a busy highway and there were kids sleeping in the ditch... what would you do? If only I had a picture of that... mom and dad just got used to us doing that, they didn't even think twice when coming home from work after bar closing and the house was empty because we were all spending the night in the ditch.
Here is a picture I took today right through the windshield. I was just testing my camera for something else and I loved the look I got. The picture I took of the clouds that I was going to use for the POTD was blah... No kids in the ditch but I think I see a camel in the clouds!

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