Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mad Rush to Get Home

So tonight I'm driving home from work and I realize that I'm about 30 minutes earlier than usual and it's still some-what light outside and it's foggy due to the snow falling. My A-D-D mind stops thinking about work, slippery roads, what's for supper..... and it wanders off back to when I took the photo of the woods during that foggy November morning. I wonder what the same photo would look like with snow... I mad dash for home, thrash in the house, purse, gloves, work stuff goes flying onto the cupboard. I rush to the camera, grab a few lens and fly right back out the door..... I hear behind me "Hi hun, how was your day.... oh really.... come again when you can stay longer". He understands and knows I'll be back. The daylight was coming to an end real soon, the moment was fading, I needed to be fast. This was the money shot.... I knew it in my mind I just needed to get there before it was to late.

Was I right?

One day left for the calendar give away. Go here if you haven't signed up yet. I love the response I have gotten and I can't wait to find out who the winners are. You all are very special to me and I appreciate the love and support you have given me for the last 364 days. If I can help anyone to take a better photo or to change the way you look at things I have been blessed. Tonight I shared with John the next photo class lesson and had to give him a great big ole' kiss on the cheek.... he's learning right along with my class (not that he wants to, I don't give him a choice). The next class the fun stuff starts..... no more technical stuff, let's take some photos we're proud of.

In case you don't remember the foggy November photo.... here it is November photo

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