Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories

I didn't put to many Christmas decorations out this year, my new motto is SIMPLIFY that means less and that works for me. I have totes and totes full of beautiful decorations so to pick the ones that I would display should have been a hard job for me but it wasn't. I put up the ones that have memories attached to them. These two decorations came from my Grandma Emmerich, after she died my mom got 11 items to give to each one of us kids, she laid them on one of the boys beds in the basement, one by one we got to go pick out what we wanted to remember her by. I remember this being a hard thing to do.... little did we know a few years later we would be doing the same thing with my own mothers things. I picked the red velvet deer and red brick house, I'm not sure why they were a set, but I keep them together.

Someone started to peel the velvet off the plastic around the deers horns so I cringe that someday with the curious little ones in the house I'll find my red velvet deer peeled like a banana. You can't blame them I remember doing it myself a few times..... it's fun.... don't even tell me you haven't peeled that velvet stuff, they don't make decorations like that anymore.


Emmerichs Events said...

I understand completely! My tree is full of ornaments that were from my grandmothers, items they made, etc. Whenever someone close to me has passed away and I am asked what I want, I always get an ornament for my tree. As time has passed, I have many times said I should change my tree... Although, each year it has all the same ornaments on it. I may add some new ones each year, but there are so many memories, I can't part with them. As I decorate the tree it brings back so many of them. That is what Christmas is all about. And, oh btw - I have never peeled that velvet stuff off (wink wink).

Jules said...

I got an angel from Grandma. I got one when my Grandma Westrich died so that's all I asked for from Grandma Emmerich.

Anonymous said...

I remember my Grandma having velvet Christmas decorations, but I don't know who got that stuff. It was a huge family. I got some Christmas mice salt and pepper shakers of my Grandmother's. My sister picked them out for me. I love the picture of your grand-daughter in the background with your special decorations. Maureen