Saturday, December 19, 2009

Difficult Day

Today started out great. John and I slept in, had breakfast, talked about our day and then I left to finish our last minute shopping. I was in the first store and got a phone call from Adam.
Adam - What'ca buying me?
Me - Nothing, I'm done with you
Adam - Who are you buying for?
Me - Your girlfriend.... by the way does she have any hints for me?
Adam - I don't know..... anything
Me - Why did you call me?
Adam - Ohhhh I got a call from dad he needs help, he threw his back out in the garage
Me - OMG, is he okay?
Adam - I don't know I'm not there yet
Me - Where is he?, Can he walk?, Is he in the house?, Does he need to go to the emergency room?, Why aren't you there yet?, What was he doing?, Is it as bad as last time?
Adam - I'll call you when I get there
Me - I'm coming home
Adam - Don't come home yet just wait until I get there and I'll call you

I get a call about 5 minutes later and it's John.... I can't repeat that conversation because I don't remember much of it. All I knew is it was bad and he needed help..... now!! I called our nephew Mike who is only a mile away and had him go there to help if they needed it. Mike was with John the last time this happened so I'm sure he wasn't thrilled with my call to help him again. It's really kinda scary because there is nothing you can do and they are in so much pain.

I'm now heading back home and my phone rings again. It's John, he is lying on the floor and has pain killers in him and does not want to go to the doctor yet. He tells me to finish my shopping and then come home, he is fine and if I don't turn around I'll have to go back again before Thursday. Adam is there with him and Mike has done what he could, I turn around and shop in record time, sticking to my list.... that's a first.

As of tonight he is not doing very well, Ed and Jeannie brought him over 2 canes so he can walk around a little but the pain is quite bad. Last time this happened it took about 2 weeks for him to be mobile again. I called his doctor and he's concerned about him pinching off a nerve with the swelling so tomorrow I get to figure out how to get him dressed and in the truck for a 9AM appointment. As of right now the drugs are kicking in so he has been able to rest, let's hope the night goes fast. He's really quite colorful so I changed the photo to sepia to save your eyes. Trying to take off his bluejeans and put on these pa-jamma pants was quite the job, he can't sit and he can't lift his foot off the ground more than a half an inch.... I will be the first to admit, I am a great patient and a horrible nurse..... John is a horrible patient and a great nurse.

If you know the stories from last time this happened I can assure you that I will not leave him un-attended with the neighbors.... bloody marys, pain killers, muscle relaxers and 4-wheeling does not make for a happy wife and the back pain gets lots worse when all that wears off :)


The Rau's said...

Poor John.....Mike said he was in alot of pain and didn't know what to do for him. Let us know if you need help getting him in the truck, I'll send Mike down :)

Jules said...

I know exactly what you're going through. Brian had surgery in 93 and has had many of these setbacks. The last was in 07, he was off work for 7 months. Man, I feel for him.....

Emmerichs Events said...

Good Luck John. Get better soon. We are all thinking of you. If either of you need anything, just give us a call. Take care.