Thursday, December 31, 2009


We have winners but first we have to talk about how I break rules and John follows them. As John says the speed limit is 55, if they wanted you to drive 58 the speed limit would be 58.....

I say, with a little help from a very good friend, who tried to explain this to John last night.... They are not rules they are guidelines.... so with that being said last night John and I drew the names for the 4 calendars for 20+ comments.

I drew the first two and let him draw the next two and here are the winners

1 - Steph
2 - DiApfelbeck
3 - Jules
4 - Patti

Send an e-mail to with your address and your calendars will be in your mailbox next week.
Four? Seriously is that all the calendars I'm going to give away.... it seems like such a small number for such a creative gift. I remembered the 4 calendars was just a guideline, it's my blog and my guidelines so I can break that rule if I want. Come on let's give away 4 more....

1 - Amanda
2 - Kitty
3 - LisaLu
4 - MJAS

Some may not be happy that I'm a rule breaker but I bet these 4 girls like it :) Send me an e-mail and your calendars will be in the mail next week also.

For those of you that didn't win but would still like a calendar I was asked if I would sell them. I have decided to, I am selling the calendars for $9, and if you are a commenter for this give away I will sell them to you for $7. Contact me at for details.

Congratulations to all the winners, I had a lot of fun doing this. Maybe for the new year I'll have to figure something else out to give away. That's my challenge for 2010.

Have a Happy New Year and we'll see you in Twenty Ten

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arturlington said...

I love rule breakers! One thing grad school taught me was how to rationalize, justify, etc! I am so excited for a calendar! Kayli and I compromised- we will put it in our dining room so we can "share" it! And, for the new year- I am buying a new Canon!

Happy New Year