Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Star Lights on my tree

Do you have star lights on your Christmas tree?

When you take a photo of your tree it looks like this.

Well mine looks like this.....

Wanna know how you can make your lights look like stars? Follow these directions.

1) Set you camera dial to AV or A mode
2) There will be a number on your screen or in your viewing area that you can change with a dial or arrow button. It will be a number like 2.0, 4.5, 15.0..... 22.0 Find out how to change that number (you may have to read your manual) This number is called your f stop or aperture.
3) Change that number to as high as it will go. Mine goes to 36 but I stopped at 22
4) Change your ISO to 200 (read your manual)
5) Change your white balance to AWB or Auto (read your manual)
6) Make sure your flash is OFF
7) Put your camera on a tripod or a study table or chair (you can have no movement)
8) Push down the shutter (take a picture) and do not move...... I repeat do not move, you cannot hold the camera or touch it in anyway
9) It may take several minutes for the camera to finish taking the picture, mine took at least 2 minutes.
10) Wa... la... you have stars on your tree.

Anybody from class reading this..... since I didn't give you homework try this and bring in your results for the next drawing.


Emmerichs Events said...

I was doing that the night before our class with a crystal wine glass in front of the Christmas tree. It looks really awesome. I will bring the pics to the next class.

Jules said...

Hmmmm.........I don't think my little Canon point and shoot has ANY of those buttons???!!!

arturlington said...

Thanks for the tips! I wish you were closer to me- I would take your class in a heart beat! Unfortunately, my canon just took a nose dive. It's only 3 years old, but customer service said I didn't have any options:( Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures! Happy Holidays-Amanda

Shannon E said...

UMMMM>>>>>no can do with my chepo camera but sure do love the look and am sooo jealous. Wish I new about the class and had a camera I just love the art!!!