Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photography Style + Art

I'm learning that while taking photos you can try to mimic as many photographers as you can possibly fit into your brain during the time you have to respond while clicking that shutter, but if you don't add your own style you won't be happy with what your shooting. John likes to watch me while taking photos, he says I take the photo (SLR cameras you still look through the view finder, not on the screen).... back the camera up to look at the LCD screen and smile a "that's it" grin or ruffle my eyebrows in a "that didn't work" face. He knows right away if I'm happy with the shot just by the look. You also have to get the unplanned shots and you have to be fast because those toddlers aren't going to do it again.

Another thing I like to add is drama.... mood.... art..... whatever you want to call it. I know some people don't understand or see the reason for this but I do, I've been a creative artistic person my whole life, some people are and some aren't. This photo screamed..... needs drama to me so I gave it a dark soft focus moody effect. It works for me but some may think it's too dark.

I'm not really a fan of selective coloring, however I tried to gently brush the color back into their cheeks and it adds a bit of glow to the dark mood.

Little "Z" was a bolt of lightning and if you weren't in the right place at the right time you missed the shot. She is a doll and she loves her new little brother.


Emmerichs Events said...

I love the first photo and agree with you 100%. There is so much you can do with photos and it can give your photo that extra boost. I love the drama of the first. Awesome!

Jules said...

I love it!

Lynn said...

Loving them!
I call it... sassy! ; )

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your talent!!

Wendy said...

i LOVE the first one!!!!