Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keeping POTD for another year

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments about my blog. I really enjoy doing the POTD and would miss it if I gave it up. John and I talked about some of the things I have done to keep myself busy at night..... I can't sit and watch TV, if I do I fall asleep. I have done X-stitch, ceramics, paint on wood, jewelry, paint every wall and piece of furniture in the house 12hundred times.....scrap booking, and now blogging. Blogging keeps my walls and dining room table from becoming thicker with paint, if someone counted the layers of paint on our living room walls it would be embarrassing, it would be like counting the rings a tree truck... so let's give the POTD another try for 2010. I love doing it, I really enjoy sharing useless information with you.... :)

Your kind words really make my day. I do have to tell you I have one addition to my blogging time. John got surround sound for Christmas and since I watch TV (but not really.... shhhhh don't tell John cuz I tell him I pay attention) while blogging and now the speakers are all around us I get the crap scared out of me about 2-3 times a night. Last night a girl on CSI got a bag pulled over her head and I jumped like it was happening to me. The crazy sound makes for an interesting night but I can't imagine going back to just the TV speakers. Thanks kids we love it.

I will have to think of a different idea for Tuesdays, I am running out of Photo shop ideas and no time to learn the hard stuff every week. Here is Miss Elly and Miss Mally on Christmas Eve. I'm gonna say this is SOOC but it's really been cropped and stamped, I was going to give you only this photo

but I decided to play with it. Elly had a scratch on her face that I think everyone asked her what happened so I left it there on purpose. The outfit that Mallory is wearing I bought for Elly's first Christmas, I have tons of "film" photo of her in her scrapbook looking the exact same way. Grandma Hemmer said she never sees Mallory without something on her head, that's her signature look, it's just her.


Kitty said...

This picture is absolutely precious! I remember Shannon as a beautiful little girl just like Elly. I love the trademark hats too.

Jules said...

Love what you did to that one. So simple.

Lynn said...

These girls are too cute and I think they are going to stir up a lot of trouble when they get older!

Emmerichs Events said...

Glad to hear you are keeping the POTD. I am thinking about starting one that is similar - not quite as ambitious as you. Maybe a picture of the week? BTW-Lorin always teases me that our house is smaller than when we moved in because I have painted so many times. hahaha Thanks for all the great pics!