Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bokeh bubbles are opposite of stars on the tree

Bokeh are tiny light bubbles in a photo that make me crazy, I love them. If you pay attention to TV commercials or shows you will see bokeh bubbles often this time of year from the Christmas lights. You get bokeh when your f/stop number is low (stars when it's high). If you have accomplished the stars now try the bubbles. Here is how you can achieve them.

1) Set your camera to AV or A mode again
2) Change your f/stop to the lowest number it will go - this lens lets me go to 4.0
3) Then turn on you manual focus (read your manual)
4) Turn your flash off
5) Manually focus (out of focus) until you see bokeh bubbles
6) Take the photo

You can also leave the focus on automatic and focus on something that is about 5-6 feet in front of the tree. This is the bokeh bubbles you will see on tv.

Now put every button and dial back on your camera that you changed. Put everything back the way you are used to taking pictures because I don't want to get blamed for bad Christmas photos.

Here is my bokeh bubbles with a little texture added for..... I'm not sure..... just because I liked it.

Update on John - He is doing much better today, the adjustment this morning helped a lot and he is moving around much better today. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate them all very much.

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