Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photoshop Tip

We had so much fun at photography class tonight, the subject was easy and so powerful it makes you wonder why you didn't know that before. I have struggled with indoor shots for over 2 years and if I had known it was this easy I would have taken the time to learn this a long time ago. As one of the girls said tonight "hey this is explained in my manual".

I may be teaching this class but I am learning so many new things along the way and having so much fun sharing it with others. Tonight we actually got to take lots of pictures and the sound of shutters opening and closing is music to my ears, I love that sound. I didn't know that the sound of a Nikon shutter is different than a Canon, but it is. I know I'm a freak.

Tonights tip was how to blend a photo into paper so I thought I would finish one to show when this might come in handy. Maybe my next classes will have to be Photoshop Fun.

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Emmerichs Events said...

Class was fun tonight (as they all are). I like how you finished this pic. And you are right, a Canon does sound different than a Nikon, but they are all music. Ok, so I am a freak too, because I thought the same thing. Can't wait till the next class. I already have been thinking what to do with our homework.