Monday, June 29, 2009

Up North

We spent some time Up North at Dad and Joanne's house. Sharon, Bruce, Jarrod, Ashley and Kevin were spending one more night there and since John and I didn't have to work we decided to take a trip up and enjoy some more time with them. I'm so glad we did, we spent Sunday night looking at old pictures, talking about old times and since Sharon is the oldest and I'm forth from the bottom we didn't really remember each other's stories so we learned a lot about each other. With all the stories and the goofy pictures Jarrod and Ashley really learned about their mother and her brothers and sisters.

Couple highlights - There were lots of bike pictures where we staged bike accidents right by the highway to see if anyone would stop and help us. There were 4-5 bikes piled on top of 4-5 kids with our legs tangled around the bikes and each other. We just laid there until someone got bored. I don't remember anyone ever stopping to help us but Mom must have taken lots of pictures of us. There are pictures of us sitting in the ditch, why did we like to play so close to the highway when we had acres of grass?

There was a family vacation that Mom and Dad took us on.... they didn't take Sharon or Starla. Sharon doesn't remember why and neither does Dad. I told Sharon that she was in her room reading (where she spent all her time) and we forgot her. Can you imagine taking 9 kids on vacation?

I found a baby picture of me, so far it's the only one I have. I am 3 months old.... so I guess I still could have been adopted, they just got me before I was 3 months old. ;) I really look adopted don't I?

We spent today at the rapids and by the sandy beach exploring and taking lots of pictures. We collected a few momentos for Ashley and Kevin to take back home and also a truck box partially full of rocks for Sharon.

It was a great time, I took a couple hundred photos but here's the photo that says everything about Dad and Joanne's home. Don't you just want to come visit.


Jules said...

I don't have many baby pictures either. I have always been teased that I was adopted too. Since we look alike maybe our parents went to the same agency.

Emmerichs Events said...

OK - Both of you do look a lot alike, but, you definitely look like your dad's side of the family. Funny stories - how much fun that must have been. Love the photo - it really does say it all. Julee