Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soccer Game

Elly's first soccer game was tonight. She was so excited to play a real game, I picked her up from daycare and took them to the school playground until it was time to play. I hauled the cooler with El and Garrett's supper, the car seat, El's soccer ball, the blanket and my water bottle to the playground.... it's a long haul with all that stuff and Garrett is no light little baby any more. El plays for about 2 minutes and then she has to go potty..... WHAT??? We haul all the stuff back to the truck and find a porta potty by the ball diamond, thank goodness it was clean and there was sanitizer stuff in it. Now we drive back to the playground area and haul all the stuff back out but this time I make her sit closer to the truck and eat her supper. She loved the soccer ball I bought her and she was playing in her flip flops so I try on the cleats that Shawna gave her and they fit so she ran around the parking lot dribbling the soccer ball while eating her sandwich.

Shan just gets done working 15 minutes before game time and El has to change into her stuff yet, she is a nervous wreck waiting for mom to get there. She changes in my truck and flies to the field. I hope John doesn't look in the truck.... it's got shoes, shirts, socks, carseats, supper remains everywhere.... he doesn't like it when I leave a gum wrapper in there.

The game starts and believe it or not the kids looked great, they acted like they knew what to do, why were they so confused Monday night? They were awesome and it was so fun to watch them. El is more of a cheerleader than an aggressive soccer player, here she is showing her delight for their team's goal.

Here she is getting a shot at the ball, it's hard for her to get in there and play, but she's learning, must be the new shoes...... Thanks Shawna Now I just have to try to explain it to her that these shoes she can only wear for soccer, you know her and her shoes.

The favorite part of the game...... high fives!!!

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The Rau's said...

Oh if she wants cleats to wear just for fun I have plenty more. She is so cute, can't wait to watch more soccer games.