Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bonus Saturday (3 pics) P'sOTD :)

Mallory with her new Mommy and Daddy

Elly with her new little cousin, she loves this little girl even though she wasn't real excited about another little girl coming into this family. She held her for a long time and filled her with kisses. Love those eyelashes.

And he's our little man Garrett, you have to love those eyes. He is such a handful now, he's sitting up by himself and also creepy around wherever you don't want him to be. He puts his arms out to come to you and waves bye-bye. I couldn't get a picture of him with Mally cuz all he wanted to do was chew on her like one of his toys.

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Anonymous said...

such beautiful grand babies... and that Mr. Garrett- I could just eat him up....