Friday, June 26, 2009

DiAnn's 500 Grandchildren

I've had such a busy week with decorating for Marcus's wedding and helping with the garage sale at Jeannie's, but I made time today to stop and see the 500 babies, they are so stinkin' cute.

DiAnn just happen to get mom and dad out to their summer home and while cleaning up their winter home Tom noticed a couple hundred eye balls looking back at him. They shined the flashlight to get a closer look and sure enough there were babies everywhere. They have grown to more than just eyeballs, now they are specs with eyeballs and really skinny tails.

Meet the 500 give or take a hundred babies, you can only see about 25 of them in the picture since they are so see thru and blend right in with the tank decorations.

As of right now they don't have names picked out :)

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