Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam

Adam turns 19 today, seems like just last year we were leaving the kids on this weekend to go to Country Fest, but of course I cried and cried all weekend that I was leaving my baby on his birthday so I couldn't have any fun at all so we stopped going after 2 or 3 years just for him.

The first year I was feeling so bad then we go to the beer tent and I get checked for my ID..... what, you have to be kidding me, my baby is 5 today and you have to card me.... and the rest of them walk right in and leave me standing there with no ID..... Oh don't worry I finally did get in when I showed them a picture of my THREE children. Now he's at Fest and didn't have any problem leaving me this morning.

I hope he doesn't have as much fun as we did back then, the first year I got a seatbelt for my lawn chair because I kept falling out of it. The second year I was much smarter.... I started practicing my drinking weeks before fest so I was good at it by the time it was here... yeah that didn't work so well either. I'm not sure what happened after that since my eyes were so blurry from all the salty tears....

Now really we did miss Adam's birthday those years but we certainly made up for the lost time.

Happy Birthday Buddy we love you very much and hope you have a wonderful time at Fest... be safe, no drinking or smoking and wear your seatbelt!


Emmerichs Events said...

Happy Birthday Adam. I hope you have fun at Fest.

The Rau's said...

Happy Birthday Adam!