Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Box

Even though I had tons of stuff to do I made time to go garage saleing with a friend on Thursday. We had so much fun laughing at people's junk. I bought tons of clothes for Elly, my friend and her daughter were helping me find the cutest stuff. She should be set for school with brand name stuff along with knee high brown boots with heels. Elly was so excited to see all her stuff she went through everything making piles of shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters and swimsuits. I should have taken a picture of that, there were piles.

I did get the best deal ever for myself. It was in the FREE box, gotta love that and I had to have it because I envisioned the treasure. My friend got one too, hers was a different shape and a little newer model, so she had to pay a quarter.

Check out my steal, I'm thinking this might be traveling to the wedding next weekend.

I got the chair below it too that day for $2.00, it's perfect in the garden, but it mayt be a little to good for the weather to ruin it just yet so I might be bringing that in and giving it a facelift.

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Jules said...

I have that exact same basket hanging on the back wall in one of our sheds. I never thought of doing that with it!!