Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gardening Already

The past couple days have been so nice and I haven't had the time to enjoy them, but tonight I got to go outside and work in the garden.   This is very early for 60 degrees, actually the past two days were warmer than all last summer : ) 

While working in the garden I found my honeysuckle has green leaves already, like actually full grown leaves not buds, leaves.  The rest of the plant doesn't have anything but the two vines are full of leaves with pink highlights.  Now that's gonna be one sorry vine when we get our snow this weekend.

Gardens are all cleaned up.  There are coneflower seeds everywhere and if I have one seed it grows two plants so if you don't want all them to be thrown in the garbage you better call me when it's digging season.  Don't worry I have enough for all of you.

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Photos by Julee said...

Sounds great....I'll be back again and Heather said she would love some too. However, I feel like I should be bringing you some to return the favor.....have any requests?