Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting difficult to POTD

That title sounds like something gross like a bodily function or something, don't worry it's not that bad.

I'm getting to the difficult time of year.... I've taken a photo of everything related to snow, sun, cold, frost that I could possible think of. Now we head to the season of brown dirty snow and below that is brown water and mud. There is nothing out there on a daily basis that begs for me to take it's photo. I walk around my house and think "who really wants to see that, or that, or that, or really not that, or yeah right I'm not showing you that, oops that's TMI (too much information).

Funny story for you, during my photo show I had one of my photos that I took for John and it's me in my teal polka dotted bra and blue jeans, it's a women's weekend so I thought it was safe.... really I have more clothes on than a swimsuit so don't freak out on me and stop reading.....
so this girl I know spots the photo and says....

Girl - OMG Connie, that's you?
Me - "Yep that's me"
Girl - "Can you do that for me"
Me - "Sure I can"
Girl - with a bit of panic in her voice "Not right now!!!"
Me - giggle, giggle, giggle

Okay back to the story - Well I spent so much time cleaning and judging everything that now my house has a layer of dust removed and still no POTD. So John is out in the garage washing my truck (yes again) and I light the lantern and decide..... this is it, take it or leave it. Boy it's going to be a long couple of weeks. Maybe I should change my rules.... ya' know I can do that, in case you forgot I am a rule breaker.

I should have cleaned the glass, oh well let's keep it real here, my house is lived in.


Photos by Julee said...

I know what you are talking about. I hate the grungy look we get in "spring". The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that summer is right around the corner and there will be lots to take pics of. BTW - I like the lantern without the glass clean..... first, it doesn't look that dirty and second it looks like you added a little "texture". haha

Anonymous said...

I love this photo.. it is very warm and inviting....

also do not remember seeing that cute photo of you at the show...were did you have that hiding???