Sunday, March 21, 2010

Growing Grandchildren

The grandkids were here this weekend and thank goodness Lynn takes after me and picks up my camera when I play with them otherwise I wouldn't have any photos of me with them.  Garrett likes to sit in the toy box to play no matter what is in there.  He sits on top of the mound of toys and slowly whips out the toys until it's only him left.  Elly decided to sit in the box and I put Miss Mally in with her, well Gar-Man couldn't have them girls taking over his toy box so he sits right on top of them.  Poor Mally got sat on but she didn't seem to mind.  Our grandchildren are growing up, it may be time for a bigger toy box! 

I love these kid-o's.


Nancy said...

These kid-o's are growing up way too fast also!

Photos by Julee said...

Aren't grandkids wonderful! But, I think they grow up faster than our kids did. Love that you are a "get in there and play with them grandma". Too many aren't and they are missing so much. Have fun with them.