Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo Collage + Command Picture Hangers

I hung my photo collage today and didn't want a repeat of yesterday so I bought the Command Picture Hangers.  I'm telling you these things are the best, I couldn't have done it without them and still be married. 

Hanging 9 pictures on the wall with exact spacing you must get these.  If you bought any of the photo squares from my show throw away those nail in picture hangers and get the Command Picture Hangers, they're new and they're great.  If you didn't buy any of the photo squares from my show and you now want some because they look so cool on my laundry room wall just let me know and I'm sure we can work out a deal.

Here is the full view of the wall..... I'm telling you these are so cool and look fantastic on the wall.  My walls are eggplant purple but the laundry room was not the best place for natural light.


Anonymous said...

Love it... and I too just brought some of those hangers to use in the camper...LOVE THEM!!!!


Lynn said...

You called while we were on a walk, and i didn't know until 10 last night. This looks awesome!!

Katie said...

How fantastic! Wow did they turn out great.

Laura "the spaz" said...

These ae beautiful. Of course you know me, my fav is one that is sold. I love the one with the metal chairs ( they remind me of Granny) she had these kind of chairs.
You are in the wrong line of work Hun.