Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Color and Photography Club

The garden is starting to get colorful. 

Last night was the last week for the photography class we’ve been having.  Our group got smaller and smaller every lesson but those that stuck it out until the end were very sad to see our “girl’s night out” come to an end.  We had a list of 36 questions to answer some photography related and some totally off the wall.  We learned a lot about each other and had so many laughs.  We all could see the growth in our photography and knowledge about our camera that we discussed for awhile how it was hard to give that up when there’s always so much more to learn. 

So….. we decided to continue our group as a Photography Club.  We’ll decide what subject we’re going to learn about, actually practice shooting different things with real live models and focus on subjects/techniques that we need practice with.  We will meet once a month and without a doubt it will be a great time, we’re a totally fun group.  If you’re interested in joining the Photography Club send me an e-mail and I’ll get you the details of where our first meeting is and the subject.  Everyone is welcome, there are no rules for what type of camera you need, if it takes photos you’re in.

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LisaS said...

Love ~ Love this photo!!!