Monday, March 15, 2010

Running Water - Step Back Monday

With every spring comes running water...... right through our basement.  We live in a very, very old home and it leaks, I don't just mean a little leak I mean "a river run through it".  Well with the melting snow and the rain we have been having the river is happening, and I couldn't be happier.  I love the sound a river makes and could sit there all day long and listen, I love to fall asleep to running water and since we don't live on a river spring time bring that dream to us right inside our house.  (this may be a stretch of a positive from a negative).

Here is the river that runs through our basement.

Okay so maybe John and I took a Jeep ride on Sunday and stopped to sit by the river and enjoy the beautiful day.  While we were enjoying the water there was a log (mature tree) that was floating down the river with a very large ice chunk right behind it, the log got hung up on another attached ice chunk so the back chunk hit it and snapped that log in two pieces, the log flew up in the air, splashed down into the water and kept on floating down the river.  The power that water has is incrediable. 

So now after the breaking of logs and my brain is thinking about how a person could get very hurt if they fell in the water we had a conversation

John - "hummm what do you think that is a skeleton of"?
Me - (not wanting to look but have to look but don't want to look) says nothing
John - "Look at the spine of that thing"
Me - (I looked) (shifted my eyes to him and waited for his answer)
John - "What is that"?
Me - (not wanting to say what I'm thinking and waiting for him to say what it was but he wasn't saying it)
John - (getting tired of me not saying anything)
Me - (wondering how long this could go on if I don't say anything) "isssss itttttt human"?
John - "No it's not human"
Me - "Oh good, then I have no idea what it is, let's go"
John - "What is that"?
Me - "As long as it's not human I don't care"
And no I did not take a picture of it!

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Deb said...

Was it a snake?