Saturday, March 6, 2010

I scare myself sometimes, I am my mother

So today is a beautiful day and I scramble around to clean up the house so I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I have a few pictures I want to hang up in the house so I put them on the table with their picture hooks, nails and the hammer so John gets the hint.  He tells me..... not today I'm cleaning the garage.  I don't need a man to hang pictures up I can do it myself.  I measure, mark and hammer those suckers on the first one and then realize.... hummm you should probably make sure that's the top!!  Nope it wasn't so I take it off, re-do it and all is well..... I don't need a man to do this.  I do the same thing with the 2nd one and I checked for the top first so I only had to do it once.  Now I take everything to the bathroom and pound the first nail in the wall and hang the pictures..... hummmm it feels funny.  Oh well, I hang the 2nd picture and realize just as Shannon and the kids walk in the house that I put the picture hangers on upside down.  I laugh and tell Shan not to tell her father.  They are on the wall and look good, he'll never know. 

Shan, I and the kids spend all afternoon outside, Garrett is soaked but he's happy.  I get lots of gardening done on the south side of the house that didn't get done in the fall.  I tried to get the kids to pick up the dead flowers for me but that lasted about 3 minutes. 

move forward a few hours..... John opens the bathroom window as I'm outside.

John - Honey your picture isn't hanging straight
Me - That's okay, I want it that way
John - I'll straighten it for you
Me - If you must
John - Hummmmm, could it have anything to do with the hook being on upside down?
Me - what I can't hear you

John and I decide to go for a Jeep ride in the evening to end this beautiful day so we go to a bar for some pizza.  It's a quiet bar with a couple of regulars that are talking with us and each other..... one guy says to the other guy...... hey how big does a hole have to be for a birdhouse?  I'm thinking about that and after the guy answers the question "depends on the bird"  I said OUT LOUD..... yes I can't believe it myself it just came out, it's one of those things that you thought you were just thinking but you actually said it..... I said..... I thought he was asking what size hole you needed to dig in the ground.... and that would depend on the post you were using...... yep I said it and everyone laughed at me.  I got really, really hot and begged John to take me home. 

I am my mother!!!   Two in one day..... poor John.

Here is photo from my cleaned up garden, no snow!!!

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