Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yellow Table

This table I didn't get finished before our Jazzed Up Junk sale in July so I've been working away at this and other items.  Hopefully Jeannie and I have enough stuff to have an October sale.... I'll keep you posted so keep checking back.

The table was very shaky and falling apart so I had John fix that up for me.  Then it had laminate that was bubbled and peeling off so I took a putty knife and carefully got the layer off without harming the next layer of laminate.... well it's a good thing I didn't get it finished because the next layer bubbled so I had to peel that layer off.  Yep you guessed it the next layer did the same but this layer didn't come off so well.  I was about to give up so what would it hurt to soak it with a garden hose to force it to bubble up.  Well Adam and Monica found it in the garage and couldn't resist peeling up that layer..... we're down to bare wood finally.  So now the table is dark stain with a crappy looking top so I got this gallon of yellow paint that I paint on.  The paint went on terrible, very streaky and didn't cover at all.  2nd coat.... 3rd coat and I decide to paint over with another color and distress to the yellow peeking through.  John really liked the yellow with the wood showing through so what do I have to lose.... I distress the yellow..... a lot.  I love it but it needed more so I stained the entire piece with Dark Walnut to darken all the exposed wood and darken the yellow a bit.  Love it even more.... but now I need to poly it or...... Wax it.  So I decide to wax it because I love that look, and now she couldn't be any prettier.  I have two chairs that will look perfect with it that I am working on now.... I might not be able to part with this after the set it done..... hummmmmm where shall I put it??

I'll give you peek just in case I happen to sell her in October.  Do you have the perfect spot for her?

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm the one who LOVES YELLOW, I think it should be in MY HOUSE!!! Your 'Favorite' Daughter!