Saturday, August 25, 2012

Travis Senior Sneak Peek

Travis and his mom came down from Up North for a few Senior Photos.  It's so nice to have a connection more than just e-mail with my friends from when I worked at Phillips.  It's crazy how everyone is growing up.... where did the time go.  

Travis is such a nice guy, he was pretty willing to do just about anything I asked him to do. 

His mom said I'd be lucky to get a smile out of him.... yep we got smiles.

Travis is an outdoors kid who loves woods, water and fishing.... perfect location for him.

He also plays soccer so we got a few of them too.

He was just clowning around with the soccer ball but I thought it was worth capturing.

Had a great time getting to know Travis a bit and catching up with Mom.  

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the black/white on the bridge! Wow it just looks so cool-I can't even find a suitable word! Wish you were doing this when my boys were in school! Grandkids??