Sunday, August 19, 2012

See differently

Put a camera up to your eye, become serious about it and you'll start to see things differently.  

This is what I seen on my lunch hour Friday.  I had to do a double take, stop the truck, change lens, set my settings and shoot out the back window cuz I didn't want anyone to see me.

Tonight the light was beautiful around 7:00 that I had to take a walk around with my camera.  There's not much left in the garden to shoot without something half or totally dead around it.  The lack of rain is finally starting to effect my flowers so it must be dry.

John pulled out all my Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate but he forgot one.  I will have to remember to pull it out before it goes to seed but until then I'll enjoy it's 8ft height and droopy flowers.  The sky was a beautiful blue to the east and the color are really vibrant during the "golden hour" - for photographers that's the hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise.  

I thought this photo was worth playing around in photoshop

Here Kiss Me is again with me facing the east - sun is behind me hitting Kiss Me with golden color

I turn around and shoot into the sun and Kiss Me is lit up from behind with a bit of sunflare.  

The "Naked Ladies" popped up out of no where.  Here I'm facing the east and the flowers are in the shade giving them a deep purple color.

I turn to the left and there is another group of them glowing from the sun hitting them on the left.  They now have a pink look to them with a golden glow.

Turn to the west and shoot a hosta blooming with huge sunflare.

My patio with the golden sun hitting the tops of the corn field.  I have these three bottles at the end of the patio (old torch holders that someone was throwing out because the torch canisters were rusted)  I converted them with spray paint, beer bottles and cut flowers.  Perfect for me. 

Open your eyes and see the changes that happen during the golden hours but don't forget to turn both ways.

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