Monday, August 13, 2012

Daniel Senior Photos

 Daniel and his mom, Laurie, came over for Senior pics on Saturday.  I loved getting to meet Daniel (aka Squeak).  He is a intelligent young and I certainly wouldn't want to have a math show down with him.  

Daniel was a bit nervous but soon became very comfortable in front of the camera, he's a natural...  He brought along his laptop as this is how mom and dad see him everyday.

Laurie and Squeak had a few of them together.

 Squeak had a favorite pink shirt that he's just about worn out.  That's what Senior pictures are all about.

Xbox another one of Squeak's hobbies.

Squeak is not an outside kid but we talked him into letting us take pictures in two locations.

I used up my two location and then seen my rock pile from the front of the house that we had to move with the new deck so I did some quick talking and got a 3rd location.  I'm really glad that I did.

Laurie and I played a bit while Squeak changed clothes.  She is such a pretty girl.

Thank you Laurie and Squeak for the fun time on Saturday.  You are the best!!

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