Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 year old sneak peek

Some two year olds are so easy and some are..... well let's just say they are the boss.  Miss Gracie is the boss but I cracked her a few times.  I've watched this little girl grow up in photos and enjoyed everyone of our times together.    

Gracie does not give out smiles for free.... they cost lots of fruit snacks.

But silly faces are free

I love this spot to show just how small they really are.  

I got you Gracie... I didn't pay for this one, I tricked you into having fun.

And another free smile

The trick is having something for them to do.  In this location she got to throw berries at me.

And now..... walk up high with no help from mom, or so she thinks.  wink, wink 

Oh no back to sad face... oh well we're done Gracie you did great.

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