Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rosie's Senior Photos - Sneak Peek

Rosie squeezed her Senior photos in this week, she is a cross country runner that practices twice a day. Yes that means running twice a day and nothing is chasing her.... why would anyone run unless they were being chased?  Well Rosie would and she love it.  She is the sweetest girl inside and out.  She had such cute outfits picked out and looked great in anything anywhere.  

This girl can't get any cuter

I brought along my vintage lace dress cuz I knew she was a little girl who could fit right into it and I thought she would be interested in some fun vintage photos.  She was more than excited to wear it and we were running out of daylight.... 

Okay so I said she couldn't get any cuter.... well put a vintage dress and hat on her and she did.... stunning girl.

A little vintage look for her outfit.

And without the hat.... beautiful, I love her hair.

Her sister was afraid Rosie took all the fun spots for HER senior photos and there will be nothing left for her.  Don't worry Grace there are plenty more left for you and Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to you.  

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Kim said...

I love her hair! These are very pretty shots. I bet she is so happy with them. You did great!